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Guru Angad Dev

Second Guru

Born On: March 31, 1504
Born At: Harika, Ferozepur District
Father: Bhai Pheru Mall
Mother: Mata Daya Kaur
Wife: Bibi Khivi
Children: Baba Dasu, Baba Datu, Bibi
Amaro, Bibi Anohki
Death: March 19, 1552
Message and Contributions:
  • Encouraged to do selfless service to humanity and complete surrender to the will of God
  • Modified the alphabet of Gurmakhi Scripts
  • Started a school at Khadur Sahib to teach children through Gurumukhi alphabet
  • Encouraged his followers to look after thier physical and mental health
  • 63 hymns in form of Saloks