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Indian Clothing and Fashions
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Indian Clothing and Fashions

Indian clothing and fashions is one of the most distinguished and admired around the world.  The uniqueness and variety is overwhelming.  There are many choices in fashion whether it be clothes, shoes, or jewelry.


Indian clothes' different colors, weaves, patterns, and designs all make it very unique.  Different types of clothing are worn all over the country.  Women traditionally wear saris or shalwaar kameez with a duppata which is draped around the neck and covers the head kind oflike a scarf.  Men usually wear kurta pajamas or lungis.  However, now most men prefer Western clothing such as a pant and shirt.

This is a sari, a dress that is made of a 20-foot material and gracefully wrapped around the body.

This is a shalwar kameez. They are worn all over the north and consist of a tunic worn over pants.

This man is wearing a kurta pajama which is a long shirt and loose pants.


Shoes are also another important part of Indian fashion.  They can be found in many varieties almost anywhere in India. Kussas are traditional shoes that are worn everywhere in India.  Sandals can also be found in plenty and come in many designs, shapes, sizes, and colors.

This mangalsutra is a necklace that is worn as a wedding token, like a wedding ring.

Bangles are believed to protect the wearer.

This is another necklace that could be found in India.

These decorated shoes are called khussas.

These sandals are another example of what people would wear in India.


Indian jewelry is much admired for its beauty, class, and elegance.  In India, gold is thought to purify the skin.  That is why gold jewelry is so popular in India.  Bangles are supposed to protect whoever wears them.  A nose stud represents purity.  Married women wear necklaces called mangalsutras, toe rings, and anklets.

These gold earings are very much valued for their beauty.