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Indian Cuisine

       Indian cuisine is another one of India's many cultural sights.  India is so rich and diverse, as is the food that is found there.  Different regions have different foods.    The exotic foods, the delicious aroma, and the various restaurants all make Indian cuisine one of the most satsifyingly delicious and fun to sample. 

Indian food is as diverse and unique as the country itself.

       India is home to many spicy and hot foods.  Most dishes eaten in India are vegetarian.  Rice accompanies almost every meal and is the basic food in southern India.  In northern India, different breads are eaten.  People in India usually eat food with their fingers but there is a certain way to do it. They only eat with their right hand as the left is considered to be unclean.  It is thought to be impolite if the fingers are dirtied beyond the second joints.  Indians say that eating with your hands is the only way to really get the feel of the food and to appreciate it. 

Main Courses

Indian dishes in different regions consist of many different things.  Most South Indian dishes are based on rice.  Some examples of South Indian food would be thali, idli, and pongal. Food in the north usually contains more meat.  Some common foods in the north are tandoori chicken, biryani, and kababs.  Foods that contain wheat like parathas and roti can also be found in the north. 

Thali, a well renowned South Indian dish is a mound of rice with curried vegetables with a side dish

Idli is a rice and lentil cake that is steamed and served with a thick tomato and lentil sauce.

Kebabs are grilled pieces of meat that are very popular in the north.

This is a picture of roti, which is a flat indian pan bread, that is usually made from flour.

This is biryani, which is like a rice cassorole that often includes meat, seafood, or vegetables.

Tandoori chicken is a dish commonly found in the north.

Dhal is a spicy side dish that is made with lentils, tomatoes, and other seasonings.

Samoosas are like triangular pancakes that are stuffed with different stuffings.


Desserts in India are pretty universal.  They don't belong to a certain region or area like some other foods do.  Sweets are made for special occasions such, given as gifts, left as offerings at religious shrines.  These are a few of the most popular and loved deserts:

Gulab jamoon is a combination of dry milk, flour, and sugar syrup.

This is halwa, a sweet dessert that contains sugar and dry fruits.


Beverages can be found anywhere in India.  The most common beverages are lassi and chai, or tea.  Beverages quench the Indians' thirst and cool them off.  Indian cuisine would not be the same without them.

Side Dishes and Condiments

Side dishes and condiments are the other important parts of a true Indian meal.  Side dishes add to the overall meal and enhance taste.  They can be found anywhere in India and come in many different varieties.

Chutney is a condiment that has a sweet-sour taste and usually accompanies curries and cold meats.

This is a picture of raita, which is a yogurt-based condiment that contains vegetables.

This is kulfi, a kind of Indian ice cream that is made from boiled milk, and comes in many flavors.

Jalebis are orange colored squiggles that are filled with syrup.

Lassi is a cool concotion that is made from yogurt, ice and sometimes sugar or fruit.